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Gentle Teeth

Braces, Pediatric and Cosmetic DentistryΒ for all stages by … detailΒ»


Teeth Dental

Braces, Pediatric and Cosmetic DentistryΒ for all stages by … detailΒ»

    Welcome to Gentle Teeth


    Welcome to Gentle Teeth in Kendall, Pembroke Pines, Homestead, and Miami.

    Come and meet our friendly dental staff at Gentle Teeth. We have had the great fortune to treat many families and strive to be a community focused dental practice. Formerly known as Falls Cosmetic Dental Center, we have expanded and now incorporated all phases of dentistry for all ages with some of the best Kendall dentists.
    We have expanded our team of Kendall dentists to better serve our families. Dr. Rosemeen Daood specializes in periodontal dentistry and Dr. Rohit Sharma, one of the most renowned and reliable Pembroke Pines dentists, is our general dentist, focusing on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Melissa Amundson is our skilled oral surgeon with a gentle touch, and Dr. Chandy Samuel, our board-certified orthodontist, focuses on clear and metal braces as well as invisalign and lingual braces. We know scheduling is difficult, so we strive for convenience for the whole family by offering all dental services at flexible long hours in various areas. There are different kind of procedures that are carried out by Dentists Miami such as orthodontic, invasalign, Clear braces, teeth whitening, bleaching, white fillings, dental veneers, root canals and various other things. Dentists Miami are very good with cosmetic dentistry. This is a well-known dental centre which is spread in various other places. All the centres have very highly educated dentists in Davie, Miramar, Cooper City, Weston, Homestead and various other places.

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    A Crash Course on Dental Implants

    What You Need to Know About Dental Implants Dental implants are widely considered asΒ  the most effective and longest lasting solution for individuals who have lost their teeth either from an accident that involved blunt force trauma, or from a serious case of tooth decay that warrants extraction of the affected teeth. What are Dental … [ Read More Β» ]

    Root Canal Therapy

    A Brief Guide on Root Canal Therapy In the old days, having a diseased or injured tooth nerve meant losing the entire tooth to extraction. With the advent of root canal procedures however, you can now retain your tooth, not to mention your smile, by undergoing therapy from your dentist in as little as 2 to 3 visits to his, or her, office. A … [ Read More Β» ]

    I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Does your office do extractions of wisdom teeth?

    For our patients convenience we have a general dentist who extracts wisdom teeth as well as an oral surgeon who is able to surgically extract impacted teeth. The wisdom teeth extractions are done in an appointment window of an hour and a half. Our oral surgeon is also able to provide our patients with topical anesthesia, local anesthesia, and general anesthesia at our patient’s request.

    Does your office do veneers and/or implants?

    Β Fortunately, we are able to provide our patients with veneers and implants through our general dentist and periodontist. All implant treatment is carefully handcrafted by our periodontist, whose main goal is to make our patients happy. The implants and veneers are specifically molded to the patient and are of the best quality.

    Does your office offer teeth whitening/bleaching, and if so what kind?

    We are able to offer our patients a 45 minute whitening treatment and we offer a take home whitening treatment as well. The two whitening procedures are offered to all patients and are overseen by our board-certified general dentist. The treatment does not cause harm to enamel and will whiten our patient’s teeth by at least 3 shades.

    Does your office accept all credit cards?

    Fortunately, we are able to accept VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX, MASTERCARD, and CareCredit. Our office will be able to take payment in the form of cash and money order as well. Our main goal is to get our patients to complete oral health and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

    Which insurances do you accept?

    For your facility, Gentle Teeth accepts all insurances! We are positive that we will be able to best meet your needs with insurance for we do all accept all dental policies to best care for our patients.

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