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Dental Implants Overview

Dental Implants Overview
Dental Implants Overview

Dental Implants; The mere mention of the words can strike fear in individuals who have a propensity for “avoiding” the dentist at all costs. So why are some people so scared of these dental contraptions? Are they really that bad?

Dental implants are essentially medical-grade screws often crafted from titanium—other materials can be used, but titanium is the most popular choice of metal implant. This makes them no different from the screws used to keep metal plates and broken bones together during surgery. In the world of dentistry, these titanium implants are surgically inserted into the upper or lower jawbone right below the gum line, acting as artificial anchors for replacement teeth. The implants heal and fuse together with the jawbone—in a process called Osseointegration—for the next three to six months.

More About Dental Implants

Once the patient has healed from the surgery after an appropriate time, the implants are uncovered and attached with screws to abutments, which serve as bridges of sorts between the implants and the crowns, also known as prosthetic teeth.

Once done, the restoration of the missing tooth can finally begin with the attachment of the crown. Crowns are typically made from porcelain, gold or a porcelain-metal alloy. It’s worth pointing out though that the crown itself can be directly screwed or cemented onto the implant, instead of the abutment. If screws are used, the screw hole is patched up with the use of dental fillings. Once the restoration process is complete, Gentle Teeth’s dental implant in Miami looks and functions just like any regular and natural tooth. In fact, once time passes after the insertion process, you will find no difference at all when you chew and speak. Due to the stability of the implant and the screw or cement used, the restored tooth is secure at all times, even during strenuous activity such as chewing and speaking. Perhaps best of all is the fact that with single-tooth dental implants, surrounding healthy teeth no longer need to be touched or extracted, which is often the case with root canal operations. In fact, dental implants can even aid in stabilizing your bite and repair and prevent jaw problems.

As a well-known name in Miami for orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry and other advanced dental solutions, Gentle Teeth defines Dental Implants and its role below:

Dental implants are best for patients missing a single tooth and thus these serve cosmetic purpose as well. They are an ideal choice for restoring teeth in the front area of the mouth in order to bring back that coveted bright smile. If you are looking for a Kendall dentist who can help you with dental implants, you are at the correct place.

Chronic discomfort and pain caused by ill-fitting dentures can be remedied by Kendall dentist through dental implants. Loose dentures are prone to friction and stuck bits of food, which can lead to sore gums and possibly even bad infections. Dental implants, bonded together by screws or cement, eliminate this problem. Dental implants are good replacements for loose teeth caused by gum disease, which could worsen into a full-blown infection if left untreated and un-extracted. The truth is that dental implants in Miami carried out by Gentle Teeth are an ideal and low-risk solution for fixing specific dental problems. If your situation fits the descriptions above, you might be a good candidate for this procedure.

But before proceeding for the actual dental implant treatment, you should first consult a reputed and certified dentists. This Kendall dentist holds extremely proficiency in delivering dental implant solutions. This Kendall dentist will carefully examine the area that needs dental implants and they will also determine the conditions that are prerequisite for going dental implant procedure

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