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Dental Implants Overview

Dental Implants Overview
Dental Implants Overview

Dental Implants; The mere mention of the words can strike fear in individuals who have a propensity for “avoiding” the dentist at all costs. So why are some people so scared of these dental contraptions? Are they really that bad?

Dental implants are essentially medical-grade screws often crafted from titanium—other materials can be used, but titanium is the most popular choice of metal implant. This makes them no different from the screws used to keep metal plates and broken bones together during surgery. In the world of dentistry, these titanium implants are surgically inserted into the upper or lower jawbone right below the gum line, acting as artificial anchors for replacement teeth. The implants heal and fuse together with the jawbone—in a process called Osseointegration—for the next three to six months.

Understanding the Importance of Socket Bone Grafts for Dental Implants

A socket bone graft preserves and enhances jawbone structure after tooth extraction, preventing bone loss that can complicate future dental procedures, especially implant placement. Dentists or oral surgeons use synthetic or natural bone graft material to create a scaffold in the empty socket, promoting natural bone regeneration. This procedure aims to maintain jawbone contours, ensuring a stable foundation for successful and aesthetically pleasing dental implant placement, enhancing long-term outcomes for tooth replacement.

More About Dental Implants

After a patient heals from the implant surgery, the implants are uncovered and connected with screws to abutments, acting as bridges to the crowns or prosthetic teeth. The crown, typically made from materials like porcelain, gold, or a porcelain-metal alloy, is then attached to complete the tooth restoration. Notably, the crown can be directly screwed or cemented onto the implant, bypassing the abutment. The dental implant from Gentle Teeth in Miami seamlessly integrates into the natural teeth, offering stability during activities like chewing and speaking. Single-tooth dental implants eliminate the need to touch or extract surrounding healthy teeth, distinguishing them from root canal operations and even aiding in stabilizing the bite and preventing jaw problems.

As a leading name in Miami for orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, and advanced dental solutions, Gentle Teeth defines dental implants as an ideal cosmetic solution for patients missing a single tooth, particularly in the front area, restoring a bright smile. Additionally, dental implants address chronic discomfort caused by ill-fitting dentures, providing a secure alternative bonded by screws or cement. They are also effective replacements for loose teeth due to gum disease, offering a low-risk solution for specific dental problems. If considering dental implants, consultation with a certified and experienced Kendall dentist at Gentle Teeth is crucial. The dentist assesses the area, ensuring the necessary conditions for a successful implant procedure.

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