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Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

Cosmetic Dentistry Overview
Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

Do you feel like the smile you see in the mirror everyday can stand for a little improvement? If you are in need of a better and brighter smile, you might be interested to learn more about your options in cosmetic industry, which could help you get that stunning smile everyone covets.

Cosmetic dentistry, also referred to by many as aesthetic dentistry, is a collection of procedures geared towards improving the physical appearance of your teeth. This in effect also restores an individual’s dental health as well as the confidence and self-esteem lost due to damaged teeth—a physical trait whose perfection our society views as highly important.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of techniques that provide solutions to misshapen, stained, and chipped teeth, or any other dental issue for that matter that is aesthetically unappealing. Though viewed as a luxury by people in previous years, the massive advances in dental medicine and medical technology have allowed cosmetic dentistry procedures to come in at relatively affordable rates. In fact, statistics show that more and more people are seeking cosmetic dentistry procedures each year.

Although cosmetic dentistry procedures focus on enhancing your teeth’s looks, many people make the mistake of assuming that they have no other benefits other than improving the quality of your teeth and smile. In fact, many cosmetic procedures also serve to protect fragile and damaged teeth from exposure to added wear and tear. Some procedures also restore the patient’s ability to enjoy foods and beverages normally banned due to their dental problems such as cavities, sensitivity and more.

Under this special area of dentistry are the following options and procedures designed to improve your smile and dental health.

Cosmetic Bleaching

Also known as dental bleaching, cosmetic bleaching is a process wherein teeth are whitened with the use of bleaching agents. Despite the risks associated with it in the past, cosmetic bleaching has come a long way thanks to breakthroughs in dental technology. Cosmetic bleaching is perfectly safe, and yield excellent whitening results without putting your dental health at risk.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns, or caps, are designed to provide protection to teeth and are effective solutions in warding off any further dental damage. Crowns are used to revive the appearance of damaged teeth, restoring their appearance and hiding any chips, stains and cavities. With their versatility, natural finish and incredible durability, it’s no wonder why porcelain crowns are a popular choice for teeth restoration and protection.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’re looking for a quick and painless cosmetic solution to hide food stains, dark yellow stains, or that unforeseen chipped tooth, porcelain veneers are for you. The process is fast, simple and arguably yields the most aesthetically pleasing results amongst all of our cosmetic dentistry solutions. It’s no wonder they’re also called ‘instant braces’.

White Fillings

The aesthetically superior option for dental filling over conventional amalgam (silver) fillings, white fillings are used to cover up and hide cavities. This restorative solution is fabricated to blend with an assortment of tooth shades and colors, allowing for incredibly natural restorations of teeth.

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