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CEREC Crowns Overview

CEREC Crowns Overview
CEREC Crowns Overview

Part reconstructive surgery tool and part cosmetic dentistry solution, CEREC, developed by Sirona Dental Systems, is the world’s first and only system that allows for ceramic restoration solutions to be fabricated and inserted within the span of one dentist’s appointment. CEREC Crowns are a relatively recent.

CEREC, which stands for ceramic reconstruction, is a solution borne from CAD/CAM technology. It allows patients to receive their dental crowns within one surgery—this means that patients no longer have to wait for the insertion of the temporary crown to, which is the case with typical crown-related procedures.

Since CEREC’s debut into the field of dentistry, more than 25 million porcelain crowns have been fabricated and inserted into the dental cavities of patients all over the world. Aside from CEREC crowns, the system is also capable of preparing veneers, inlays and onlays with the use of different types of ceramic materials.

CEREC Crowns have been praised for being durable and strong, perfectly capable of handling daily activity from chewing, biting and speaking.

Here are some essential facts about CEREC crowns and how they are made.

  • CEREC crown implants are inserted using local anesthesia. The tooth that needs work must first be prepared—much like the standard procedure for ordinary crown insertions. An impression is then made after conditioning the tooth from which a fabricated crown is based on. Once done, the CEREC crown is then implanted.
  • Instead of taking a mold of the tooth, the dentist simply takes a photograph of it, forwarding the images to a 3-D imaging CEREC computer. Using cutting-edge imaging technology, the computer creates a ‘soft copy’ of your implant.
  • Once a digital implant has been made, the CEREC computer forwards the data to a mill for the fabrication process. The CEREC mill is no ordinary mill as it makes use of diamond burs to fashion the implant.
  • Before the crown is permanently bonded to your tooth, your dentist will first match it with your bite. On the aesthetics side of things, the crown would also be checked to see if it matches the color of your teeth.
  • Once your dentist has checked if the CEREC porcelain crown is a perfect match, the crown itself is prepared with a few last touches such as glazing and polishing prior to implantation.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

  • With CEREC, you no longer have to schedule multiple sessions with your dentist and wait for weeks for the final implant to be fabricated after receiving your temporary crown.
  • Aside from making things convenient, CEREC enables you to have just one surgical procedure, thereby eliminating any risk or stress potentially caused by multiple surgeries.
  • A single surgery also saves you time, but more importantly, it saves you money that would’ve been spent on doctor’s fees and anesthesia.
  • CEREC crowns are also crafted from strong and superior porcelain, leagues above the common hand-layered solutions. Aesthetics wise, the crowns do not disappoint and can be made to blend in with various tooth colors and shades.

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