I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Does your office do extractions of wisdom teeth?

For our patients convenience we have a general dentist who extracts wisdom teeth as well as an oral surgeon who is able to surgically extract impacted teeth. The wisdom teeth extractions are done in an appointment window of an hour and a half. Our oral surgeon is also able to provide our patients with topical anesthesia, local anesthesia, and general anesthesia at our patient’s request.

Does your office do veneers and/or implants?

 Fortunately, we are able to provide our patients with veneers and implants through our general dentist and periodontist. All implant treatment is carefully handcrafted by our periodontist, whose main goal is to make our patients happy. The implants and veneers are specifically molded to the patient and are of the best quality.

Does your office offer teeth whitening/bleaching, and if so what kind?

We are able to offer our patients a 45 minute whitening treatment and we offer a take home whitening treatment as well. The two whitening procedures are offered to all patients and are overseen by our general dentist. The treatment does not cause harm to enamel and will whiten our patient’s teeth by at least 3 shades.

Does your office accept all credit cards?

Fortunately, we are able to accept VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX, MASTERCARD, and CareCredit. Our office will be able to take payment in the form of cash and money order as well. Our main goal is to get our patients to complete oral health and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

Which insurances do you accept?

For your facility, Gentle Teeth accepts all insurances! We are positive that we will be able to best meet your needs with insurance for we do all accept all dental policies to best care for our patients.

Does your office do Invisalign?

Our dental office is a proud provider of Invisalign. Our office is also able to provide our patients with metal braces, clear braces, and lingual braces all of which are overseen by our graduated and board-certified orthodontist. All of the options for braces will be overlooked by our Orthodontist and the specific treatment schedule for each is lengthily explained to the patient.

I don’t have dental insurance. Would I still be able to get dental procedures done?

We are an affordable dental office with many convenient payment plans that can be accommodated to your lifestyle. We are positive we can find a way to allow you to get your needed dental procedures done to improve your oral health.

What makes Gentle Teeth different from other dental offices?

 Our staff personalizes every experience. Our doctors and assistants remember you by name and are able to give you a clear precise description of what you need to get done without getting you confused among dental terminology. Our staff is trained to make sure that our patients are content with their treatment during every office visit. Our board certified dental professionals will guarantee the best treatment for your oral health and recommend treatments that will benefit your specific needs. Our dental office is also open on Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM to best accommodate our patients.

What dental specialists do you have at your office?

We have an oral surgeon, periodonist, orthodontist, and pediatric dentist available to our patients at our office. These dental specialists work together with our general dentist and hygienists to provide our patient’s with the best oral health.

Does your office see children?

Yes, our office is able to see children and adults of all ages. Our staff is fluent in Spanish and English and is able to accommodate to our patient’s specific needs.