Orthodontics Overview According to medical studies, over half of the United States population has malocclusions, or improper bites and misaligned teeth. The types and severity of these malocclusions varies greatly, from over bites, open bites, cross bites and more. These problems, which were found to be too specific to be a part of general … [Read more...]


Invisalign Overview Let’s face it; braces can come with a lot of questions. They do not come cheap, they take quite a bit of time to install, they need to be worn for years, and they are not very flattering for your physical appearance. They also require more trips to the dentist for checkups, cleanings and adjustments, which in turn can use … [Read more...]

Clear Braces

Clear Braces Overview Misaligned teeth not only causes emotional problems such as loss of confidence and low self-esteem, it also brings about a host of improper bite problems that if left unchecked, could result in even graver issues such as infection, swelling and bleeding of gums, and finally, loss of the teeth themselves. For years, the … [Read more...]

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Overview Do you feel like the smile you see in the mirror everyday can stand for a little improvement? If you are in need of a better and brighter smile, you might be interested to learn more about your options in cosmetic industry, which could help you get that stunning smile everyone covets. Cosmetic dentistry, also … [Read more...]

Teeth Whitening

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Cosmetic Bleaching Overview Cosmetic bleaching is a practice in general dentistry that has become more and more affordable over the years. With the number of people who believe that white teeth are the single biggest contributors to a bright and healthy smile, it is no wonder why the number of these procedures taking place each year continues to … [Read more...]

Dental Veneers

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are widely considered as the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing method of enhancing your smile and making it more visually appealing, as well as giving you healthier teeth and gums. Porcelain veneers are popular due to their natural effect and remarkable effectiveness in whitening dark yellow … [Read more...]

White Fillings

Patients who have had dental fillings in the past probably had dental amalgam replacements used by their dentists. Amalgam fillings have a dark, silvery color and as such, stand out every time you so much as smile or open your mouth. With amalgam fillings, you may as well send out the message that you have had dental cavity problems in the past. … [Read more...]

Porcelain Crowns

What You Should Know About Porcelain Crowns Porcelain Crowns are essentially artificial teeth coverings that are custom-made to cover a damaged tooth. Also referred to by many people in the industry as ‘caps,’ these crowns are designed to preserve teeth and/or restore their previous functionality and appearance. They can be used to cover a … [Read more...]

Reconstructive Dentistry

What You Should Know About Reconstructive Dentistry Reconstructive dentistry is something that drives away people, even if the techniques and procedures it encompasses are effective in restoring one’s bright and healthy smile. Why is this so? For the most part, many patients are afraid of their dentists. Others are wary of the cost of … [Read more...]

Perio Therapy

What You Should Know About Periodontal Therapy Here is an important fact to know about dental health. Up to 90 percent of Americans in the country suffer from some type of gum disease. Half, or 50 percent, of all these cases are recognized as moderate to severe dental health problems, with periodontal gum disease considered as one of the most … [Read more...]

CEREC Crowns

CEREC Crowns Overview Part reconstructive surgery tool and part cosmetic dentistry solution, CEREC, developed by Sirona Dental Systems, is the world’s first and only system that allows for ceramic restoration solutions to be fabricated and inserted within the span of one dentist’s appointment.  CEREC Crowns are a relatively … [Read more...]

Kendall Dentist Implants

Dental Implants; The mere mention of the words can strike fear in individuals who have a propensity for “avoiding” the dentist at all costs. So why are some people so scared of these dental contraptions? Are they really that bad? Dental implants are essentially medical-grade screws often crafted from titanium—other materials can be used, … [Read more...]

Porcelain Bridges

What You Should Know About Porcelain Bridges Tooth loss can have a tremendous impact on your personal looks and dental health. Whether from an accident or brought about by cavities, tooth loss is a dental issue that must be addressed immediately. Aesthetics-wise, a lost tooth can greatly affect the quality of your smile—this is particularly … [Read more...]

Root Canals

What You Should Know About Root Canals In the old days of dentistry, suffering from a diseased or injured tooth nerve often meant losing the tooth itself and sometimes even the teeth around it. This ‘commando’ approach was all too common 10 to 20 years ago. Thankfully, dental medicine has come a long way since then, with extractions now the … [Read more...]