Reconstructive Dentistry: An Ultimate and Safer Solution for Tooth Gaps and Crooked Teeth

In this fashion centric world, almost everyone try out various unique ways to enhance their appearance. From selecting matching shoes to sunglasses, individuals want everything perfect. Being a fashion sensation in a crowd not only grabs attention of others, but also makes you stand apart. Truthfully, the race to match with changing fashion trends … [Read more...]

Cosmetic Dentistry helps in regaining confidence and self-esteem lost due to damaged teeth

In today’s modern society, almost every individual is obsessed with their looks and smiles. Be it right or wrong, but   people are   being judged both socially and professionally by their appearance. Individuals suffering from dental problems like misaligned teeth, bleeding gums etc. feel shy and lack  confidence. Therefore, most of the … [Read more...]

Regular dental visits are essential for aintaining healthy teeth and gums

It is a fact that sharp white and sparkling teeth contribute to an individual’s personal appearance. With glittering teeth, people feel more confident and talkative. However, a person’s teeth are not just important in their looking good but also play a vital role in maintaining their general health. They allow persons to tear, cut and break up … [Read more...]

Brushing your Teeth the Right Way

Brushing your Teeth the Right Way The act of brushing your teeth is a relatively simple affair, or so we think right? Really, how can something we’ve done on our own since we were children be complicated? However, if you ask the dentists, it seems most of us have been doing it the wrong way the whole time. There are many factors to consider … [Read more...]

A Crash Course on Dental Implants

What You Need to Know About Dental Implants Dental implants are widely considered as  the most effective and longest lasting solution for individuals who have lost their teeth either from an accident that involved blunt force trauma, or from a serious case of tooth decay that warrants extraction of the affected teeth. What are Dental … [Read more...]

Root Canal Therapy

A Brief Guide on Root Canal Therapy In the old days, having a diseased or injured tooth nerve meant losing the entire tooth to extraction. With the advent of root canal procedures however, you can now retain your tooth, not to mention your smile, by undergoing therapy from your dentist in as little as 2 to 3 visits to his, or her, office. A … [Read more...]